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~27 MB

Unguilded Mod Collection

Caveman &
ModSource Community

A Collection of Mods created for Online Roleplayers. Included Mods (choice which ones to install):
Anti Carewok Wings Halo and Stupidity Mod, Backpack to Mandoad Sentra, Better Lightsabers LOD Fix, Better NGE Force Power Animations, Better NGE Lightsaber Animations, Blue SFor Bolts, Buildings to Jedi Temples, Cloaks over Jedi Robes, Guise of the Sith Lord, Improved Lightsaber Trails, Longer Capes, Mandoad Beskargam Worn Look, ModSource UI Addon Pack, Non-Snappy Movement, Nudist Lifestyle, Plasma Blades to regular Lightsaber Blades, Species Fix Pack, True Black Mod, Unarmed Animations to Teras Kasi, Visible Starfighter Pilots and more.

Compatible with SWG Legends.
Make sure to Untick the auto-update feature during installation of each individual mod for the update server is no longer functional.

~5 MB

ModSource UI Addon Pack

Caveman &
ModSource Community

A Pre-NGE-Style User Interface that comes with various installation options created by various members of the ModSource community.

Comes with options optimized for 4K and 1080p screen resolutions as well as the classic size.
Compatible with SWG Legends.

~634 MB

Better Music Mod


Stubacca &

This extensive client-side modification has been created to replace the in-game music tracks with full-length, high-quality versions in order to increase immersion in the Star Wars Universe and even features "simulated ambient music" which the game has been sorely lacking.

Compatible with SWG Legends. You may have to disable ILM's Enhanced Music feature for it to work properly.

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